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Welcome aboard African Mirror, a USA based Newspaper aimed at showcasing the accomplishments, Lifestyles, Fashion, Entertainment, Politics and the rich cultural heritage of the African people. Simply put, African Mirror is a complete reflection of the way we (Africans) are. It focuses on celebrated Africans in all fields of human endeavor, and chronicles their exploits and achievements for the purpose of inspiring and motivating those who aspire to attain greatness in life.

Published by Sublime Network Inc., African Mirror is the first African newspaper in the US with authentic softsell flavor. It stands out from the crowd as the foremost African tabloid in the country with emphasis on celebrity reporting and human interest stories, and it appeals to a wide range of audiences.

It is a people-oriented newspaper for Africans and friends of Africa all over America and beyond. The journal boasts of seasoned and highly cosmopolitan journalists who have plied their trade in the newsrooms across the globe.

African Mirror is far more than a conventional newspaper in the sense that it offers a variety of other media services aside news reporting. It is more of a public relations/media consultancy outfit, which aims to celebrate and promote achievers, budding talents, businesses, events and a host of others.

Some of the services offered are as follows:

• News Reporting

• Media Consultancy

• Personality Profiles

• Corporate Business Profiles

• Events

• Coverage/Management

• Entertainment Consultancy

• Advertisement


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